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NYCfoto Magazine
The ING New York City Marathon, by Jessica Horani
— The race is New York City and its moving mass of runners making their way from borough to borough has become as iconic an image as the Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge. It is both substance and spectacle and New Yorkers never disappoint when it comes to cheering on the elites as well as the regular Joes.
Trembling Towers, by Marilyn Recht
— The World Trade Center has always been controversial. Despite objections that the towers would ruin the skyline, disrupt television reception and strain city services, the project was approved and Port Authority began excavation and construction in 1966...
A Bronx Tale, by Marilyn Recht
— Once upon a time lived a young girl too young to understand draft dodging or LSD. She grew up on a lone street in The Bronx, away from the agreeable communities of Pelham Parkway and Parkchester...
King Kong's Plaything, by Marilyn Recht
— ...Empire State Building is again the tallest building in New York City, and the second-tallest building in the Americas, ... it seems quaint to recall that it was once a pinnacle of achievement.
Leaving Bushwick, by Jessica Horani
— Bushwick was one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods which was hit hard with the drug epidemics of the 70's and 80's and although it hasn't fully recovered yet, a recent influx of young artists and hipsters have made some small strides to reclaim the worn down neighborhood as an artist's haven....
Snow in New York, by Jessica Horani
— New York City in a snowstorm is always an event, no matter how big or small the snowstorm in question actually is. Once those first few fat flakes begin to fall and the weathermen start speaking in terms of "blizzard" and "winter storm warning" the whole city seems to fall under the spell of those mysterious ice crystals falling from the sky...
Coney Island On The Mind, by Marilyn Recht
— Now is the season to savor clean sea air and pristine beach, before the Sirens, Mermaids and rockers begin to rake in the crowds and the cash...
Holidays in New York, by Jessica Horani
— The holiday season in New York City is quite literally the stuff dreams are made of. Few other places reach such mythic proportions of holiday fantasy than New York ...
John Lennon's New York Legacy, by Jessica Horani
— Today commemorates the anniversary of the untimely death of one of those artists who left his indelible mark on not only New York but also the world at large, John Lennon.
It Takes a Village: The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, by Jessica Horani
— Halloween can be an occasion to step outside our ordinary lives and personas and into the night as something entirely different.
The Streets were Paved with Diamonds, by Jessica Horani
— The buildings seemed endless as they lined up Fifth Avenue and the view of the Empire State Building off in the distance was like a dream.
East Village: 1980s, by Marilyn Recht
— Gone are the edgy times in New York when Times Square was seedy, the seaport stank of fish, and the nervous stayed uptown.
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