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NYCfoto.com is one of the largest collections of original photographs of New York City on the web. We currently have over 30,000 images on our site, and continue to add to our galleries to reflect the ever-changing nature of New York and the ways in which we see it. All of our photographs (excluding those found among our member galleries) were taken by our professional team of photographers and are exclusive to NYCfoto.

The idea to create NYCfoto came about in 1997 after trying to find some photos of New York City online and finding there were very few quality photos and those that were found were mostly low resolution images. We were astonished that such a well-photographed city was not better visually represented on the Internet in a way that everyone could appreciate. Using digital technology we were able to start posting our own photos and sharing them with visitors to our site.

NYCfoto shows New York City from all angles. From its most famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, to the hidden gems and undiscovered corners, this is New York City as we see it and live it everyday. Through our images we invite you to discover something new about the city you love or, if you are a national or international visitor, to discover why so many others call New York City, "The Greatest City in the World."

If you have questions or comments, or would like to use one of our photo, please contact us