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Grace Building

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"The Grace building was built in 1974 for the W.R. Grace chemical company to 42nd Street as the company relocated from downtown Manhattan, replacing the Stern Brothers department store.

The 192 m tall building resembles Bunschaft's Solow Building with its similar curved lower walls as a setback from the street. This is no coincidence, as Bunschaft used the first, rejected plans for that building in his design for the W.R. Grace.

The outcome of the 50-story facade is here of more conventional nature, with a white grid-like pattern of white travertine filling the space between the darkened windows and defining the structural arrangement.

Building's plaza on the 43rd Street side extends to the Sixth Avenue corner. It, as well as the sidewalk on the 42nd Street side of the building, is clad in the same white travertine as used on the building's facades. " - wirednewyork.com