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Disclaimer and Copyright

All photos displayed at NYCfoto.com, except member galleries, are property of Vanguard Minds LLC and are copyrighted by NYCfoto, property of Vanguard Minds LLC, (member photos are copyrighted by their respective owners). If you wish to use any image from our site please contact us and we'll discuss it. If you think that any of the photos shown at NYCfoto.com are inappropriate and should be taken off the public display let us know and we'll take photo off if that will be fitting.

We do not control content of member galleries and the only requirement for the published gallery is that it shall have photos of the city (not personal photos). Besides that, we do not monitor or control member galleries, and their content is responsibility of their respective owners. We suggest our members to submit their own photos. We do not hold liability for the content of member galleries.

Creative Commons License

Images found on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons License.